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Passionate About Inspiring Others

We stand united by empowering each other with our fundamental core values : •LOYAL•RESPONSIBLE •VERSATILE. “With your loyalty comes our loyalty,we are family “,is not just our oath but values that we implement and carry it with honour from Mrs World,our mother pageant that is based in La Quinta,California,founded by Mr David Marmel

A platform to empower women from all over the world,which has been in practice for 30 years till today .A queen must never betray her crown.She must show excellent leadership qualities by taking responsibility and not making excuses to any hardship that she may encounter.She must know how to balance her career,home and family with her power,speed and kindness .Versatility is her strength.We at mrs_malaysia_world_ is truly honoured to be given the responsibility to hold this year’s crowning .Mrs Malaysia World is a tribute for all the Malaysian married women.She is the wife,mother and a woman of substance who maintains the perfect balance between her home,family,career and dreams.

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